Crystal Devices

The electronics market is a driving force of the new era, and Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation continues to support this rapidly changing industry with innovative products and value-added solutions.

Using synthetic quartz crystal growth technology, Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation manufactures a wide range of high-quality, highly reliable quartz crystal devices and quartz crystal products for use in electronic equipment. The Company undertakes every part of the production process in-house, from research & development to planning, design and production. We will actively pursue the further development of quartz crystal products to support the continued growth of our networked society.

Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation

Product Line-up

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Crystal Units
Clock Oscillators
Voltage Controlled crystal Oscillators (VCXO)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)
kHz Range Crystal Devices
High Precision Oscillators for Industrial Applications

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